Header image shows a row of 4 poster designs. They read "Digital spaces can exclude", "Being different shouldn't divide us", "With great inclusion comes great design", and "The internet is for everyone".

Inclusive design: “With great inclusion comes great design”

Accessibility and inclusion aren’t only about physical access to buildings and facilities. Inclusive design in digital spaces is crucial too. Many websites create barriers so disabled people cannot use them.

We created a series of quotable posters for a community art competition by Wiilma. We want the posters to start conversations about accessibility in the digital world.

There are lots of ways that we can design digital spaces to remove barriers that cause exclusion. And by creating with inclusion in mind, design becomes more valuable. Our contribution can be much greater, and celebrating differences can bring us together.

A grey/green poster design with text reading "Digital spaces can exclude".

A red poster design with text reading "With great inclusion comes great design".
A blue poster design with the words "Being different shouldn't divide us".
A golden brown poster design with text reading "The internet is for everyone".
A purple poster design with the words: "we're all human".

Just as great power needs responsibility, great inclusion comes with great design. Design can be that much greater when it’s inclusive.

The power of inclusive design

A vegetable peeler that’s designed for someone with arthritis will be beneficial to all. The same goes for digital design. If we design for disabled people, our designs will be easier for everyone to use. And our design work will be that much greater for it.

We think Peter Parker would agree. Do you?

The internet should be accessible to all. At we’re all human we help creators, businesses and organisations use inclusive design. Join us to get tips and resources to make your digital presence accessible. Find out more on our Patreon page.