Category: Color

  • Color Review

    Color Review

    Test different colour contrasts to make your website accessible to the 217 million people living with visual impairment.

  • Toptal


    Type in the URL of any webpage. You can check how people who have different types of color blindness will see it.



    Test 3 to 12 colors in combination. This tool gives the combinations a simple Yeah or Naw. You will know which ones are good to use!

  • Colorblindly


    Add this extension to your browser to simulate & understand how those who see color differently see your webpages.

  • Who can use?

    Who can use?

    Enter your color combination & this tool will show you how it appears to people with different visual conditions. It also lets you know what percentage of the population these conditions affect. Read a case study showing how to use this tool here.

  • Color Safe

    Color Safe

    Select a background colour & your planned font & size to generate accessible text colours that meet WCAG Guidelines.

  • The Accessible color palette builder

    The Accessible color palette builder

    Use high contrast colors to keep your design readable for people with a range of visual needs.