Images are important so readers can understand and learn complex information. Breaking up text with images can also help make the page more readable for many viewers. These resources identify important ways to make image use inclusive.

  • Accessible images

    This thorough guide by WebAIM covers using images to enhance understanding. You can also learn about how using color to convey meaning in images can cause problems. And crucially, how to avoid using graphics that cause seizures.

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  • HOW to describe images

    Learn the best ways to describe images with this interactive training resource. This will enable you to make alt-texts that are useful & inclusive.

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  • Alt-texts: The ultimate guide

    Alt-texts should describe images for people who can’t see them. But often they are not used correctly & create a difficult experience for users. Learn about how to use alt-texts effectively.

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  • Tiny PNG

    We need to consider how to set up images so they don’t cause slow load times. This tool enables you to compress images without losing quality.

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